Part Number HC-SR04
Manufacturer ETC
Title Ultrasonic Sensor
Description HC­SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor  Elijah J. Morgan  Nov. 16 2014      The purpose of this file is to explain how the HC­SR04 works. It will give a brief ...
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HC-SR04 :       ROBOT . HEAD to TOE    Product User’s Manual – HC­SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor   User's Manual V1.0 May 2013 Created by Cytron Technologies Sdn. Bhd. – All Rights Reserved 1       ROBOT . HEAD to TOE    Product User’s Manual – HC­SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Index 1. Introduction 2. Packing List 3. Product Layout 4. Product Specification and Limitation 5. Operation 6. Hardware Interface 7. Example Code 8. Warranty 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Created by Cytron Technologies Sdn. Bhd. – All Rights Reserved 2       ROBOT . HEAD to TOE    Product User’s Manual – HC­SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor 1.0 INTRODUCTION The  HC­SR04  ultrasonic  sensor  uses sonar  to  determine  distance to an object like bats or dolph.

HC-SR04 : 5V power supply Trigger pin Receive pin Power ground 2.4、Electrical parameters Electrical Parameters Operating Voltage Operating Current Operating Frequency Farthest Range Nearest Range Measuring Angle Input Trigger Signal Output Echo Signal Dimensions HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module DC-5V 15mA 40KHZ 4m 2cm 15 Degree 10us TTL pulse Output TTL level signal, proportional with range 45*20*15mm 3 2.5 Module operating Principle Set low the Trig and Echo port when the module initializes , firstly, transmit at least 10us high level pulse to the Trig pin (module automatically sends eight 40K square wave), and then wait to capture the rising edge output by echo port, at the same time, open the timer t.

HC-SR04 : HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module User Guide: Ultrasonic Sensor V1.0 1 Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction:..... 3 2.0: Module Specification .. 3 2.1: Sensor Element Construction.... 4 3.0: Ultrasonic Real Application...

HC-SR04 : HC-SR04 User Guide 1. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Principles The transmitter emits a 8 bursts of an directional 40KHz ultrasonic wave when triggered and starts a timer. Ultrasonic pulses travel outward until they encounter an object, The object causes the the wave to be reflected back towards the unit. The ultrasonic receiver would detect the reflected wave and stop the stop timer. The velocity of the ultrasonic burst is 340m/sec. in air. Based on the number of counts by the timer, the distance can be calculated between the object and transmitter The TRD Measurement formula is expressed as: D = C X T which is know as the time/rate/distance measurement formula where D is the measured dist.

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