Part Number SG90
Manufacturer Tower Pro
Title Micro Servo
Description SG90 9 g Micro Servo Tiny and lightweight with high output power. Servo can rotate approximately 180 degrees (90 in each direction), and works jus...
Features 3 pole wire, all nylon gear, connector wire length: 15cm The TG9e boasts the same performance as other servo's 10x the price with a .10sec travel time and up to 1.5kg in torque and an ultra narrow dead bandwidth! The TG9e performance is on par with the famous HXT900, however the TG9e isn't as resi...

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SG90 : Littelfuse SG series GDT offers high surge ratings in a miniature package. It’s designed for surface mounting on PCB with small size 4.5x3.2x2.7mm. Low insertion loss is perfectly suited to broadband equipment applications. The capacitance does not vary with voltage, and will not cause operational problems with ADSL2+, where capacitance variation across Tip and Ring is undesirable. These devices are extremely robust and are able to divert a 1000A pulse without destruction. Features • RoHS compliant and Lead-free • GHz working frequency • Excellent stability on multiple pulse duty cycle • Excellent response to fast rising transients. • Ultra Low Insertion Loss • 1-2KA surge capability teste.

SG901-1071 : Reference Clock Pins OSC_EN REF_CLK 4 19 Oscillator Enable Output Reference Oscillator Input RF Pins BTH 2G4_RF 13 16 Bluetooth RF Switched Interface Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Antenna Port, 50 ohms Input - Output not normally used – Contact Sagrad for options normally not connected - Contact Sagrad for options NOTES Serial Interface Pins (VHIO Domain, logic levels compatible with the VHIO (Pin 32) input voltage) SDCMD SDCLK SDD0 SDD1 SDD2 SDD3 25 26 24 23 22 21 SPI Chip Select Input SPI MOSI (input) SPI Clock Input SPI MISO (output) SPI: Interrupt Output SDIO CMD SDIO CLK SDIO Data 0 SDIO Data 1 SDIO Data 2 SDIO Data 3 Control Pins POWERUP RSTn SLEEPCLK DBG_SPI_CSn DBG_SPI_CLK DBG_SPI_MISO DBG_SPI_.

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