Part Number NCP81382
Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Title Integrated Driver MOSFET
Description NCP81382 Integrated Driver and MOSFET The NCP81382 integrates a MOSFET driver, high−side MOSFET and low−side MOSFET into a single package. The dr...
• Capable of Average Currents up to 35 A
• Capable of Switching at Frequencies up to 2 MHz
• Capable of Peak Currents up to 70 A
• Compatible with 3.3 V or 5 V PWM Input
• Responds Properly to 3−level PWM Inputs
• Option for Zero Cross Detection with 3−level PWM
• ZCD_EN Input for Diode Emulation wi...

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NCP81381 : Pin No. Symbol Description 1 THWN Thermal warning indicator. This is an open−drain output. When the temperature at the driver die reaches TTHWN, this pin is pulled low. 2 DISB# Output disable pin. When this pin is pulled to a logic high level, the driver is enabled. There is an internal pull−down resistor on this pin. 3 SMOD# Skip Mode pin. 3−state input (see Table 1 LOGIC TABLE): SMOD# = High ³ States of ZCD_EN and PWM determine whether the NCP81381 performs ZCD or not. SMOD# = Mid ³ Connects PWM to internal resistor divider placing a bias voltage on PWM pin. Otherwise, logic is equivalent to SMOD# in the high state. SMOD# = Low ³ Placing PWM into mid−state pulls GH and .

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