Part Number IRMCK099
Manufacturer Infineon
Title Motor Controller
Description The IRMCK099 combines the iMOTION™ motor control engine (MCE) with all peripherals required to realize a complete variable speed drive. The IRMCK0...
 Ready-to-use solution for high efficiency variable speed drives
 Pre-programmed motion control engine (MCE)
 Sensor less field oriented control (FOC) of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)
 Support for up to 31 sets of motor parameters
 Current measurement based on single or leg shunt

File Size 973.01KB
Datasheet IRMCK099 PDF File

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IRMCK099M : IRMCK099 is a low cost, high performance OTP memory based motion control ASIC designed primarily for appliance applications. IRMCK099 is designed to implement high performance control solutions for advanced inverterized appliance motor control. IRMCK099 contains the flexible Tiny Motion Control Engine (TinyMCE) for sensorless control of permanent magnet motors over the full speed range. The TinyMCE implements sensorless Field Oriented Control using single or leg shunt current feedback by a combination of hardware and IR-supplied firmware elements. Key components of the complex sensorless control algorithms, such as the Angle Estimator, are provided as complete pre-defined control blocks. The.

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