Part Number MIC24045
Manufacturer Microchip
Title 5A Step-Down Converter
Description The MIC24045 is an I2C-programmable, high-efficiency, wide input range, 5A synchronous step-down regulator. The MIC24045 is perfectly suited for m...
• 4.5V to 19V Input Voltage Range
• 5A (Maximum) Output Current
• I2C Programmable Output Voltage: - 0.64V to 5.25V in 5 mV, 10 mV, 30 mV, and 50 mV Steps
• High Efficiency (95%)
• I2C Programmability of: - Soft-Start: 0.16, 0.38, 0.76, and 1.5 V/ms Ramp Rates - Switching Frequency: 310 kHz, 400 kH...

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MIC24046 : The MIC24046 is a pin-programmable, high–efficiency, wide input range, 5A synchronous step-down regulator. The MIC24046 is perfectly suited for multiple-voltage rail application environments typically found in computing and telecommunication systems. It can be programmed by pin strapping various parameters, such as output voltage, switching frequency, and current-limit values. The pinselectable switching frequency, valley-current mode control technique, high–performance error amplifier, and external compensation allow for the best trade-offs between high efficiency and the smallest possible solution size. The MIC24046 is available in a thermally–efficient, spacesaving, 20–pin 3mm × 3mm QFN p.

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