BT15N60A9F Datasheet PDF

Huajing Microelectronics
Part Number BT15N60A9F
Manufacturer Huajing Microelectronics
Title Silicon FS Planar IGBT
Description Using HUAJING's proprietary Planar design and advanced FS technology, the 600V FSIGBT offers superior conduction and switching performances, high...
Features l FS Planar Technology, Positive temperature coefficient l Low saturation voltage: VCE(sat), typ = 2.1V @ IC = 15A and TC = 25°C l Extremely enhanced avalanche capability Applications: Aircondition、Welding、UPS… Absolute Maximum Ratings (Tc= 25℃ unless otherwise specified): Symbol Parameter VC...

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Datasheet PDF File BT15N60A9F PDF File

BT15N60A9F BT15N60A9F BT15N60A9F

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