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Part Number 2N687A
Manufacturer Central Semiconductor
Description 145 Adams Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 11788 USA Tel: (631) 435-1110 • Fax: (631) 435-1824 OUTSTANDING SUPPORT AND SUPERIOR SERVICES PRODUCT SUPPORT C...
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2N687 : [Rlcn3LJ1] Solid State Division File No. 96 Thyristors 2N6812N690 All-Diffused Types for Power-Control and Power-Switching Applications Cathode RCA-2N681 through 2N690 con- • trolled-rectifiers are all-diffused, three-junction, silicon devices for use in power-control and power-switching • applications requiring blocking-voltage capabilities to 600 volts and • forward-current capability of 16 am- Symmetrical gate-cathode construction - pravides uniform current density. rapid electrical conductian, and efficient heat dissipation Direct-soldered internal construction - assures exceptional resistance to fatigue Each unit aged at maximum ratings to assure dependable performance peres (aver.

2N687 : .

2N687 : 2N681 thru 2N689 (SILICON) CME2~ \ Industrial-type, silicon controlled rectifiers in a stud package with current handling capability to 25 amperes at junction temperatures to 1250 C. MCR equivalents available in TO-48 package - i.e. - 2N681 available in T0-48 package as MCR681. =MAXIMUM RATINGS (T.. 12S·C unless otherwise noted) Rating Symbol Value Peak Reverse Blocking Voltage. t 2N681 2N682 2N683 2N684 2N685 2N686 2N687 2N688 2N689 VRSM(rep)*t 25 50 100 150 200 250 300 400 500 Peak Reverse Blocking Voltage. (Transient) (non~recurrent t = 5 ms max.) 2N681 2N682 2N683 2N684 2N685 2N686 2.N687 2N688 2N689 VRSM(non-rep)* 35 75 150 225 300 350 400 500 600 Forward Current RMS (all.

2N687 : 2N681-2N692, 2N5204-2N5207 High-reliability discrete products and engineering services since 1977 SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER FEATURES  Available as “HR” (high reliability) screened per MIL-PRF-19500, JANTX level. Add “HR” suffix to base part number.  Available as non-RoHS (Sn/Pb plating), standard, and as RoHS by adding “-PBF” suffix. MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating RMS on-state current Average on-state current @ TC Peak one cycle surge @ 50 Hz Peak one cycle surge @ 60 Hz Fusing @ 50 Hz Fusing @ 60 Hz Gate current to trigger Typical critical dv/dt exponential to VDRM Critical rate of rise Typical junction temperature Symbol IT(RMS) IT(AV) TC ITSM I2t IGT dv/dt di/dt TJ 2N681-2N692 25 16 -6.

2N687 : 145 Adams Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 11788 USA Tel: (631) 435-1110 • Fax: (631) 435-1824 OUTSTANDING SUPPORT AND SUPERIOR SERVICES PRODUCT SUPPORT Central’s operations team provides the highest level of support to insure product is delivered on-time. • Supply management (Customer portals) • Custom bar coding for shipments • Inventory bonding • Custom product packing • Consolidated shipping options DESIGNER SUPPORT/SERVICES Central’s applications engineering team is ready to discuss your design challenges. Just ask. • Free quick ship samples (2nd day air) • Special wafer diffusions • Online technical data and parametric search • PbSn plating options • SPICE models • Package details.

2N687 : This silicon controlled rectifier device is military qualified up to a JANTX level for high-reliability applications. Qualified Levels: JAN and JANTX Important: For the latest information, visit our website FEATURES • JEDEC registered 2N682, 2N683, 2N685, and 2N687 – 2N692. • JAN and JANTX qualifications are available per MIL-PRF-19500/108. • RoHS compliant versions available (commercial grade only). APPLICATIONS / BENEFITS • A general purpose, reverse-blocking thyristor. TO-208 / TO-48 Package MAXIMUM RATINGS Parameters/Test Conditions Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Gate Voltage (Peak Total Value) Maximum Average DC Output Current (1) Non-repetitive.

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