Part Number CCL0130
Manufacturer Digitron Semiconductors
Description DIGITRON SEMICONDUCTORS CCL0035-CCL5750 CURRENT LIMITING DIODE Available Non-RoHS (standard) or RoHS compliant (add PBF suffix). Available as “...
Features ...

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CCL0130 : The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CCL0035 thru CCL5750 are silicon field effect current regulator diodes designed for applications requiring a constant current over a wide voltage range. These devices are manufactured in the cost effective DO-35 double plug case which provides many benefits to the user including space savings and improved thermal characteristics. Special selections of IP (regulator current) are available for critical applications. This series is the most cost effective of the current limiting diode family. MARKING: FULL PART NUMBER MAXIMUM RATINGS: (TL=75°C) Peak Operating Voltage Power Dissipation Operating and Storage Junction Temperature SYMBOL POV PD TJ, Tstg 100 600 -65 to .

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