AC20-391K-RC Datasheet PDF

Allied Components International
Part Number AC20-391K-RC
Manufacturer Allied Components International
Title Axial Coated Inductors
Description AC20 Axial Coated Inductors RoHS 24 AWG Dimensions: Inches (mm) 1.15 (29) NOMINAL 0.276 (7.01) MAX. 1.15 (29) NOMINAL 0.118 (3.00) MAX....
• Incorporation of a special lead wire structure entirely eliminates defects inherent in existing axial lead type products and prevents lead breakage.
• The special magnetic core structure permits the product to have reduced size, high "Q" and self resonant frequencies.
• Treated with epoxy resin co...

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Datasheet PDF File AC20-391K-RC PDF File

AC20-391K-RC AC20-391K-RC AC20-391K-RC

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