Part Number XB8358D
Manufacturer ETC
Title Lithium battery protection
Description XB8358D— XB8358 。XB8358 , 。XB8358 SOT23-5 ,, 。XB8358 ,,、 ,, 。 ■ ● ● 45mΩ RDS(ON) ● 25mA ● ● ● ● :1.;2. ● ● 0V ● ● 3.0uA ● 0.1uA ● SO...
Features ...

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Datasheet XB8358D PDF File

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XB8358D0 : The XB8358D0 product is a high integration solution for lithiumion/polymer battery protection. XB8358D0 contains advanced power MOSFET, high-accuracy voltage detection circuits and delay circuits. XB8358D0 is put into an ultra-small SOT23-5 package and only one external component makes it an ideal solution in limited space of battery pack. XB8358D0 has all the protection functions required in the battery application including overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent and load short circuiting protection etc. The accurate overcharging detection voltage ensures safe and full utilization charging. The low standby current drains little current from the cell while in storage. The device is not o.

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