MSL120N06G Datasheet PDF

Part Number MSL120N06G
Manufacturer CITC
Title N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET
Description DDDD SOP -8 (5,6,7,8) DD DD (4) G SSSG ■ Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA = 25OC unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER CONDITIONS Drain-Source V...
• 60V/12A RDS(ON) = 12mΩ (max.) @ VGS= 10V RDS(ON) = 14.5mΩ (max.) @ VGS= 4.5V
• Reliable and Rugged.
• Lead free and green device available (RoHS compliant).
■ Application
• Secondary side synchronous rectification.
• DC-DC converter.
• Motor control.
• Load Switching. MSL120N06G N-Channel Enhance...

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Datasheet MSL120N06G PDF File

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