Part Number BYW19
Manufacturer Philips
Description _ _ _ _J BYW19 SERIES FAST SOFT-RECOVERY RECTIFIER DIODES Silicon double-diffused rectifier diodes in plastic envelopes. They are intended for u...
Features non-snap-off characteristics and a very fast turn-on behaviour, which makes them extremely suitable for clamp and dV/dt limiting applications. QUICK REFERENCE DATA Repetitive peak reverse voltage Average forward current Non-repetitive peak forward current Reverse recovery time BYW19-800(R) 1000(R...

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BYW100-200 : Low voltage drop and rectifier suited for switching mode base drive and transistor circuits. ABSOLUTE RATINGS (limiting values) Symbol VRRM IFRM IF(AV) IFSM Tstg Tj TL Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage Repetitive peak forward current * Average forward current * Surge non repetitive forward current Storage temperature range Maximum operating junction temperature Maximum lead temperature for soldering during 10s at 4mm from case tp = 5 µs F = 1KHz Ta = 95°C δ = 0.5 tp=10 ms sinusoidal Value 200 80 1.5 50 -65 +150 + 150 230 Unit V A A A °C °C °C * On infinite heatsink with 10mm lead length. October 1999 - Ed: 3A 1/5 BYW100-200 THERMAL RESISTANCES Symbol Rth (j-a) Junction to ambien.

BYW178 : BYW178 Vishay Telefunken Very Fast Silicon Mesa Rectifier Features D D D D D D Glass passivated junction Hermetically sealed package Low reverse current Soft recovery characteristics Very fast reverse recovery time Low reverse recovery peak current Applications Ultra fast rectifier for switching mode power supplies 94 9588 Absolute Maximum Ratings Tj = 25_C Parameter Reverse voltage =Repetitive peak reverse voltage Peak forward surge current Repetitive peak forward current Average forward current Junction and storage temperature range Test Conditions Type Symbol VR=VRRM IFSM IFRM IFAV Tj=Tstg Value 800 80 15 3 –55...+175 Unit V A A A °C tp=10ms, half sinewave Maximum Thermal Resistance.

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