Part Number LH77790B
Manufacturer Sharp
Title Embedded Microcontroller User Guide
Description LH77790B Embedded Microcontroller User’s Guide Version 1.0 ® SHARP reserves the right to make changes in specifications described herein at any...
Features ...

File Size 832.51KB
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LH77790B : Table 1. Pin Descriptions PINS NAME DIRECTION EXTERNAL BUS INTERFACE 36 - 31, 28 - 21, 18 - 11, 8 - 5 60 - 55, 52 - 47, 42 - 41, 38 - 37 72 A[25:0] D[15:0] O I/O External Address bus. The 790B will provide a 26-bit address to external memories and peripherals. External 16-Bit data bus. Output Enable for external memory and peripherals. OE allows external memory and peripherals to drive the data bus and is asserted LOW during a read access and HIGH during a write access. Write Enable for external memory and peripherals. During a write access, this pin is driven LOW. During a read access, this pin is driven HIGH. These pins provide the Chip Enable/Column Address Select signals allowing direct .

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