Part Number LA1247
Manufacturer Sanyo
Title AM Electronic Tuner
Description Ordering number : 1 3 0 4 B Monolithic Linear IC LA1247 AM Electronic Tuner ...
Features ...

File Size 529.66KB
Datasheet LA1247 PDF File

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LA1245 : Ordering number : EN737G Monolithic Linear IC LA1245 AM Electronic Tuner Overview LA1245 is a high performance IC to be used as an AM electronic tuner. It provides an automatic search-stop signal, local oscillator buffer-output, and the low level local oscillation, as well as providing all other functions required of an AM tuner. Moreover, the stable local oscillation from LW to SW facilitates the use of many band. Features • Narrow-band signal meter : Available as an automatic search-stop signal (also available as a wide-band signal meter). Signal meter output = 1/2 frequency ±1.5kHz typ. • Local oscillation buffer-output : Facilitates the design of electronic tuning systems and freq.

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