PM100RSD120 Datasheet PDF

Part Number PM100RSD120
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Title Intelligent Power Module
Features a) Adopting new 4th generation planar IGBT chip, which per- formance is improved by 1µm fine rule process. b) Using new Diode which is designed to get soft reverse recovery characteristics. c) Keeping the package compatibility. The layout/position of both terminal pin and mounting hole is same as S-...

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Datasheet PDF File PM100RSD120 PDF File

PM100RSD120 PM100RSD120 PM100RSD120

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PM100RSD120 : Powerex Intellimod™ Intelligent Power Modules are isolated base modules designed for power switching applications operating at frequencies to 20kHz. Built-in control circuits provide optimum gate drive and protection for the IGBT and free-wheel diode power devices. Features: □ Complete Output Power Circuit □ Gate Drive Circuit □ Protection Logic – Short Circuit – Over Current – Over Temperature – Under Voltage □ Low Loss Using 4th Generation IGBT Chip Applications: □ Inverters □ UPS □ Motion/Servo Control □ Power Supplies Ordering Information: Example: Select the complete part number from the table below -i.e. PM100RSD120 is a 1200V, 100 Ampere Intellimod™ Intelligent Power Module. Type PM .

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