FX465 Datasheet PDF

Part Number FX465
Manufacturer CML
Title Extended Code CTCSS Encoder/Decoder
Description CML Semiconductor Products PRODUCT INFORMATION FX465 Extended Code CTCSS Encoder/Decoder Features Low-Voltage (3-Volt) Supply 47 Programmable Sub...
Features Low-Voltage (3-Volt) Supply 47 Programmable Sub-Audio Tones + NOTONE Meets MPT1306 and TIA/EIA 603 High Voiceband/CTCSS Isolation Separate Sub-Audio and Rx/Tx Audio Paths and Filtering Publication D/465/2 May 1996 Applications Advance Information Mobile Radio Systems Community Base Stations “S...

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Datasheet PDF File FX465 PDF File

FX465 FX465 FX465

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FX401 : Ordering number:EN5028 FX401 TR:PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor SBD:Schottky Barrier Diode DC-DC Converter Features · Complex type of a low saturation voltage, high speed switching and large current PNP transistor and a fast recovery and low forward voltage Shottky barrier diode facilitating high-density mounting, · The FX401 is composed on 2chips, one being equivalent to the 2SB1121 and the other the SB3003P, placed in one package. Package Dimensions unit:mm 2123 [FX401] Electrical Connection 1:Base 2:Emitter 3:No Contact 4:Anode 5, 6:Common (Collector, Cathode) (Top view) 1:Base 2:Emitter 3:No Contact 4:Anode 5:Common (Collector, Cathode) 6:Common (Collector, Cathode) SANYO:XP.

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