Part Number NTB082N65S3F
Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Title Power MOSFET
Description SUPERFET III MOSFET is ON Semiconductor’s brand-new high voltage super-junction (SJ) MOSFET family that is utilizing charge balance technology for...
• 700 V @ TJ = 150°C
• Typ. RDS(on) = 70 mW
• Ultra Low Gate Charge (Typ. Qg = 81 nC)
• Low Effective Output Capacitance (Typ. Coss(eff.) = 722 pF)
• 100% Avalanche Tested
• These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant Applications
• Telecom / Server P...

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NTB082N65S3F : ·Drain-source on-resistance: RDS(on) ≤ 82mΩ@10V ·Drain Source Voltage: VDSS= 650V(Min) ·100% avalanche tested ·Minimum Lot-to-Lot variations for robust device performance and reliable operation ·APPLICATIONS . ·Industrial power supplies ·UPS ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(TC=25℃) SYMBOL ARAMETER VALUE UNIT VDSS Drain-Source Voltage (VGS=0) 650 V VGS Gate-Source Voltage ±30 V ID Drain Current-continuous@ TC=25℃ 40 A IDM Pulse Drain Current 100 A PD Total Dissipation@TC=25℃ 320 W Tj Max. Operating Junction Temperature 150 ℃ Tstg Storage Temperature Range -55~150 ℃ ·THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS SYMBOL PARAMETER MAX UNIT Rth j-c Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case 0.

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