Part Number 18650C4
Manufacturer GB CELL
Title Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Description GB CELL TECHNOLOGY FILE FILE NAME:Specification for 18650C4 Cylindrical Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery File Number P3-PRO3/CT3-002/A/C Prepar...
Features ion Battery Co., Ltd. 2. DEFINITION 2.1 Rated Capacity: Under 23±2℃, 65±5%RH, it means the capacity value of being discharged by 2-hours ratio to end voltage 3.0 V, which is signed C2, the unit is mAh. 2.2 Slow Charge method: Under 23±2℃, 65±5%RH, it can be charged to 4.2V with constant current of ...

File Size 413.64KB
Datasheet 18650C4 PDF File

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