Part Number GC5328
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Title Low-Power Wideband Digital Predistortion Transmit Processor
Description The GC5328 is a lower-power version of the GC5322 wideband digital predistortion transmit processor. The GC5328 includes a digital upconverter (DU...
Features 1
• Integrated DUC, CFR, and DPD Solution
• 20-MHz Max. Signal Bandwidth, Based on Max. DPD Clock of 200 Mhz, Fifth-Order Correction
• DUC: Up to 12 CDMA2000/TDSCDMA, 4 W-CDMA, 2
  –10 MHz or 1
  –20 MHz OFDMA Carriers
• CFR: Typically Meets 3GPP TS 25.141 6.5 dB PAR, 8.5 dB PAR for OFDMA Signals
• DP...

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