Part Number BZX584B24V
Manufacturer First Silicon
Title Zener Diode
Description SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA BZX584B2V4 ~ BZX584B36V Zener Diode Features ● High reliability ● Very sharp reverse characteristic ● Low reverse...
● High reliability
● Very sharp reverse characteristic
● Low reverse current level
● Zener Voltage 2.4V~36V Mechanical Data
● Package: SOD-523
● Terminals: Tin plated leads, solderable per J-STD-002 and JESD22-B102
● Polarity: Cathode line denotes the cathode end 1 2 SOD-523 1 CATHODE 2 ANODE M...

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BZX584B24V-C : Elektronische Bauelemente BZX584Bxxx-C 150mW, SOD-523 Series Surface Mount Zener Diodes RoHS Compliant Product A suffix of “-C” specifies halogen & lead-free FEATURES  Constant Voltage Control  Standard Zener Breakdown Voltage Range 2.4V-68V  Matte Tin (Sn) Lead Finish SOD-523 PACKAGE INFORMATION Package MPQ SOD-523 8K Leader Size 7 inch ORDER INFORMATION Part Number Type BZX584Bxxx-C Lead (Pb)-free and Halogen-free 1 Cathode 2 Anode ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA=25°C unless otherwise specified) Parameter Symbol Power Dissipation PD Operating Junction Temperature Range TJ Storage Temperature Range TSTG Ratings 150 150 -55~150 Unit mW °C .

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