MTD5D0P03J3 Datasheet PDF

Part Number MTD5D0P03J3
Manufacturer CYStech
Title P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET
Description CYStech Electronics Corp. P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET MTD5D0P03J3 Spec. No. : C965J3 Issued Date : 2018.04.13 Revised Date : 2018.05....
• Low Gate Charge
• Simple Drive Requirement
• Pb-free lead plating & Halogen-free package BVDSS ID@ VGS=-10V, TC=25°C RDSON@VGS=-10V, ID=-25A RDSON@VGS=-6V, ID=-10A -30V -102A(silicon limit) 3.9mΩ(typ.) 5.6mΩ(typ.) Equivalent Circuit MTD5D0P03J3 Outline TO-252(DPAK) G:Gate D:Drain S:Source G...

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Datasheet MTD5D0P03J3 PDF File

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MTD5D0P03H8 : CYStech Electronics Corp. Spec. No. : C965H8 Issued Date : 2017.10.27 Revised Date : Page No. : 1/ 9 P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET MTD5D0P03H8 BVDSS ID@VGS=-10V, TC=25°C ID@VGS=-10V, TA=25°C Features • Single Drive Requirement • Low On-resistance • Fast Switching Characteristic • Pb-free lead plating and Halogen-free package RDSON(TYP) VGS=-10V, ID=-25A VGS=-6V, ID=-10A -30V -90A -22A 3.9mΩ 5.6mΩ Symbol MTD5D0P03H8 Outline Pin 1 EDFN5×6 G:Gate D:Drain S:Source Ordering Information Device MTD5D0P03H8-0-T6-G Package DFN5×6 (Pb-free lead plating and halogen-free package) Shipping 3000 pcs / Tape & Reel Environment friendly grade : S for RoHS compliant products, G for R.

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