Part Number KAF-16803
Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Title Full Frame CCD Image Sensor
Description The KAF−16803 image sensor is a redesigned version of the popular KAF−16801 image sensor (4096 (H) × 4096 (V) pixel resolution), with enhancements...
• TRUESENSE Transparent Gate Electrode for High Sensitivity
• High Resolution
• Large Image Area
• High Quantum Efficiency
• Low Noise Architecture
• Board Dynamic Range Application
• Medical
• Scientific ORDERING INFORMATION See detailed ordering and shipping information on page 2 of this data shee...

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KAF-16801 : The KAF−16801 is a high performance area CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensor with 4096 (H) × 4096 (V) photo active pixels designed for a wide range of image sensing applications. The sensor incorporates true two-phase CCD technology, simplifying the support circuits required to drive the sensor as well as reducing dark current without compromising charge capacity. The sensor also utilizes the TRUESENSE Transparent Gate Electrode to improve sensitivity compared to the use of a standard front side illuminated polysilicon electrode. Table 1. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Typical Value Architecture Full Frame CCD Pixel Count 4096 (H) × 4096 (V) Pixel Size 9.0 mm (H) × 9.0 mm (V).

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