Part Number MSCSM120HM16T3AG
Manufacturer Microchip
Title Full Bridge SiC MOSFET Power Module
Description MSCSM120HM16T3AG Full Bridge SiC MOSFET Power Module Product Overview : The MSCSM120HM16T3AG device is a full bridge 1200V, 173A silicon carbid...
Features The following are the key features of the MSCSM120HM16T3AG device:
• SiC Power MOSFET
  – Low RDS(on)
  – High temperature performance
• Very low stray inductance
• Internal thermistor for temperature monitoring
• Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrate for improved thermal performance Benefits The following a...

File Size 1.54MB
Datasheet MSCSM120HM16T3AG PDF File

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