Part Number ZL81000
Manufacturer Microsemi
Title Dual BITS Transceiver and CC Receiver
Description ZL81000 provides two DS1/E1/2048kHz transceivers (transmitters plus receivers) specifically designed for BITS/SSU timing in carrier-class telecomm...
Features ▪ Two Independent Multi-Protocol BITS/SSU Transmitters and Receivers
• Receive and transmit DS1, E1, 2048 kHz, and 6312 kHz timing signals
• Insert and extract SSM messages (DS1, E1)
• DS1 SF or ESF formats
• E1 FAS, CAS and/or CRC-4 framing
• J1 support (DS1 with Japanese CRC-6 & RAI)
• Short-haul ...

File Size 1.75MB
Datasheet ZL81000 PDF File

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