MCP33151D-10 Datasheet PDF

Part Number MCP33151D-10
Manufacturer Microchip
Title 14/12-Bit Differential Input SAR ADC
Description The MCP33151D/41D-10 and MCP33151D/41D-05 are fully-differential, 14-bit and 12-bit, single-channel, 1 Msps and 500 kSPS ADC family devices, respe...
• Sample Rate (Throughput): - MCP33151D/41D-10: 1 Msps - MCP33151D/41D-05: 500 kSPS
• 14/12-Bit Resolution with No Missing Codes
• No Latency Output
• Wide Operating Voltage Range: - Analog supply voltage (AVDD): 1.8V - Digital input/output interface voltage (DVIO): 1.7-5.5V - Externalreferencevolta...

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Datasheet MCP33151D-10 PDF File

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