AVR16EA48 Datasheet PDF

Part Number AVR16EA48
Manufacturer Microchip
Title Microcontrollers
Description Preliminary Data Sheet AVR16EA28/32/48 Introduction The AVR16EA28/32/48 microcontrollers of the AVR® EA Family are using the AVR® CPU with hardwa...
Features Figure 1. AVR® EA Family Overview Flash Devices described in this data sheet Devices described in other data sheets 64 KB AVR64EA28 AVR64EA32 AVR64EA48 32 KB AVR32EA28 AVR32EA32 AVR32EA48 16 KB AVR16EA28 28 AVR16EA32 32 AVR16EA48 Pins 48 Devices with different Flash memory sizes typic...

File Size 7.93MB
Datasheet AVR16EA48 PDF File

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