GT60PR21 Datasheet PDF

Part Number GT60PR21
Manufacturer Toshiba
Title Silicon N-Channel IGBT
Description Discrete IGBTs Silicon N-Channel IGBT GT60PR21 GT60PR21 1. Applications • Dedicated to Voltage-Resonant Inverter Switching Applications Note: Th...
Features (1) 6.5th generation (2) The RC-IGBT consists of a freewheeling diode monolithically integrated in an IGBT chip. (3) Enhancement mode (4) High-speed switching: IGBT tf = 0.16 µs (typ.) (IC = 60 A) FWD trr = 0.60 µs (typ.) (IF = 15 A) (5) Low saturation voltage: VCE(sat) = 2.0 V (typ.) (IC = 60 A) (6...

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Datasheet PDF File GT60PR21 PDF File

GT60PR21 GT60PR21 GT60PR21

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