ICPB1005 Datasheet PDF

Part Number ICPB1005
Manufacturer ICONIC RF
Title Discrete Power GaN HEMT
Description The ICPB1005 is a GaN on SiC discrete HEMT that operates from DC-14GHz. The design is optimized for power and efficiency using field plate technol...
• Frequency Range DC-14GHz
• 45.5dBm Nominal P3dB Pulsed
• Maximum PAE at 6GHz of 70%
• 18dB Linear Gain at 6GHz
• Drain Bias 28V
• Technology: GaN on SiC
• Lead-free and RoHS compliant
• Chip Dimensions: 0.824 x 1.44 x 0.10mm Applications
• Aerospace & Defense
• Broadband Wireless Image Descripti...

File Size 2.48MB
Datasheet ICPB1005 PDF File

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