PIC32MX360F256L Datasheet PDF

Part Number PIC32MX360F256L
Manufacturer Microchip
Title 32-Bit Flash Microcontrollers
Description PIC32MX Family Data Sheet 64/100-Pin General Purpose, 32-Bit Flash Microcontrollers © 2007 Microchip Technology Inc. Advance Information DS6114...
Features of our products. Attempts to break Microchip’s code protection feature may be a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If such acts allow unauthorized access to your software or other copyrighted work, you may have a right to sue for relief under that Act. Information contained in this ...

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Datasheet PIC32MX360F256L PDF File

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PIC32MX360F256L : PIC32MX3XX/4XX Data Sheet High-Performance, General Purpose and USB, 32-bit Flash Microcontrollers © 2011 Microchip Technology Inc. DS61143H Note the following details of the code protection feature on Microchip devices: • Microchip products meet the specification contained in their particular Microchip Data Sheet. • Microchip believes that its family of products is one of the most secure families of its kind on the market today, when used in the intended manner and under normal conditions. • There are dishonest and possibly illegal methods used to breach the code protection feature. All of these methods, to our knowledge, require using the Microchip products in a manner outside the opera.

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