M3GB12003R3S Datasheet PDF

Part Number M3GB12003R3S
Manufacturer Micross
Title Hybrid - High Reliability Radiation Hardened DC-DC Converter
Description and Circuit Description Table 1 Ordering Information Reference IR Base Model M3GB12003R3S/CKA M3GB12003R3S/CKC M3GB12005S/CKA M3GB12005S/CKC M3...
• Total Dose 200 kRads(Si) typically usable to 300 kRads(Si)
• SEE Hardened to LET up to 82 MeV
• Low Input and Output Noise
• Low Weight 100 grams
• Magnetically Coupled Feedback
• 95V to 140V DC Input Range
• Up to 40W Output Power
• Single and Dual Output Models Include 3.3, 5, 12, 1...

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Datasheet M3GB12003R3S PDF File

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M3GB12003R3S : M3GB-Series is part of the International Rectifier HiRel family of products. The M3GB-Series of DC-DC converters are second generation design of the legacy M3G-Series product family but with enhanced overall performance. M3GB-Series is form, fit and functional equivalent to the first generation M3G-Series. It is designed to be backward compatible to the M3G-Series with the addition of an output voltage adjustment pin for the single output models. Much the same as the original M3G-Series, these converters are radiation hardened, high reliability converters designed for extended operation in hostile environments. Their small size and low weight make them ideal for applications such as geostati.

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