Part Number SN65HVD63
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Title On and Off Keying Coax Modem Transceiver
Description The SN65HVD63 transceiver modulates and demodulates signals between a logic (baseband) interface and a frequency suitable for long coaxial media, ...
•1 3-V to 5.5-V Supply Range
• 1.6-V to 5.5-V Independent Logic Supply

  –15-dBm to +5-dBm Wide-Input Dynamic Range for Receiver
• 0-dBm to 6-dBm Adjustable Power Delivered by the Driver to the Coax
• AISG® V2.0-Compliant Output Emission Profile Also Conforms to Proposed AISG V3.0 Specifications
• L...

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SN65HVD61 : The SN65HVD61 is designed to meet the requirements for the driver and receiver circuitry of the ControlNet coaxial-based physical layer. These devices are single-channel circuits with one transceiver for single node operation or distributed stand-alone applications. The pull-or-pull transmitter circuit is designed to sink current from a center-tapped transformer, providing galvanic isolation from the shared bus. These devices incorporate a differential receiver (RX) with the 120 mV sensitivity needed by ControlNet industrial applications. A secondary receiver (CD) detects the presence of a valid positive differential signal. 1 RX 2 CD 4 CHEN 8 SIG -+ 5 TX 7 TXEN 6 TX TSD 9 DGND -+ 0.

SN65HVD62 : These transceivers modulate and demodulate signals between the logic (baseband) and a frequency suitable for long coaxial media. The HVD62 is an integrated AISG transceiver designed to be compliant with Antenna Interface Standards Group v2.0 specification. The HVD62 receiver integrates an active bandpass filter to enable demodulation of signals even in the presence of spurious frequency components. The filter has a 2.176 MHz center frequency. The transmitter supports adjustable output power levels varying from +0dBm to +6dBm delivered to the 50 Ω coax cable. The HVD62 transmitter is compliant with the spectrum emission requirement provided by the AISG standard. A direction control output is .

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