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Part Number SL1925
Manufacturer Zilog
Description . 28 RESET . ....
Features . . 1 Electrical Characteristics 8 Absolute Maximum Ratings . 8 Standard...

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Datasheet SL1925 PDF File

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SL1925 : The SL1925 is a wideband quadrature converter operating from 950 to 2150 MHz, intended primarily for application in satellite tuners. The device contains all elements necessary, with the exception of local oscillator sustaining network, to fabricate a high performance I(n-phase) & Q(uadrature) phase splitter and downconverter optimised for systems containing RF AGC gain control. The device allows for systems containing higher power analog interferers. For most applications RF tunable filtering is not essential. The SL1925 is optimised for use with a low phase noise synthesiser, a range of which are available from Mitel Semiconductor. This will form a complete front end tuner function for dig.

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