TB6590FTG Datasheet PDF

Part Number TB6590FTG
Manufacturer Toshiba
Title Dual DC Motor Driver
Description of H-Bridge Driver To eliminate shoot-through current, a dead time (t2, t4) is inserted when the PWM is turned on and off. VM VM VM OUT1 M O...
• Power supply voltage: VM = 6 V (max)
• Output current: IOUT = 0.5 A (max)
• Output ON-resistance: 2.5 Ω (upper and lower sum (typ.) @VM ≥ 5 V) Weight: 0.01 g (typ.)
• Dedicated standby (power-save) pin
• Forward, reverse, short brake and stop
• Thermal shutdown (TSD) and undervoltage lockou...

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Datasheet TB6590FTG PDF File

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