Part Number CMSH2-60M
Manufacturer Central Semiconductor
Description The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMSH2-20M series 2.0 Amp surface mount silicon Schottky rectifier is a well constructed, highly reliable component desi...
• High current capability
• Flammability classification UL94V-0
• High reliability MAXIMUM RATINGS: (TA=25°C unless otherwise noted) CMSH2 CMSH2 CMSH2 CMSH2 SYMBOL -20M -40M -60M -100M UNITS Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage VRRM 20 40 60 100 V DC Blocking Voltage VR 20 40 60 100 V...

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CMSH2-60 : The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMSH2-20 series 2.0 Amp surface mount silicon rectifier is a highly reliable component designed for use in all types of commercial, industrial, entertainment, computer, and automotive applications. SMB CASE MARKING CODE: SEE MARKING CODE TABLE ON FOLLOWING PAGE FEATURES: • High reliability • Special selections available MAXIMUM RATINGS: (TA=25°C unless otherwise noted) CMSH2 CMSH2 SYMBOL -20 -40 CMSH2 -60 Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage DC Blocking Voltage RMS Reverse Voltage Average Forward Current (TA=55°C) Peak Forward Surge Current, tp=8.3ms Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Thermal Resistance VRRM 20 VR 20 VR(RMS) 14 IO IFSM TJ, Tstg .

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