TB9101FNG Datasheet PDF

Part Number TB9101FNG
Manufacturer Toshiba
Title 2ch H-Bridge driver
Description TB9101FNG (1) Motor control TB9101FNG build-in 2 H-Bridge. These 2 H-Bridge is controlled by Input DI1A/DI1B DI2A/DI2B, independently. The oper...
·Motor Driver : 2ch H-Bridge with Driver (Directry drive external Motor) RON: RHON(Pch)=0.6Ω(typ.), RLON(Nch)=0.6Ω(typ.)
·Standby mode : 0mA(typ.)
·Operating Voltage range : 7 to 18V (Absolute Maximum Rating 40V)
·Operating Temperature range : -40°C to 125°C
·Miscellaneous Abnormal Det...

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Datasheet TB9101FNG PDF File

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