Part Number D8LD40U
Manufacturer Thinki Semiconductor
Title 10 Ampere Dual Tandem Polarity Ultra Fast Recovery Half Bridge Rectifiers
Description D8LD20U thru D8LD60U ® Pb Free Plating Product D8LD20U/D8LD40U/D8LD60U Pb 10 Ampere Dual Tandem Polarity Ultra Fast Recovery Half Bridge Rect...
Features Latest GPP technology with super fast recovery time Low forward voltage drop High current capability Low reverse leakage current High surge current capability Application Automotive Inverters and Solar Inverters Plating Power Supply,SMPS,EPS and UPS Car Audio Amplifiers and Sound Device Systems ITO...

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Datasheet D8LD40U PDF File

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D8LD40 : SHINDENGEN Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers Dual D8LD40 400V 8A FEATURES •œ Low OUTLINE DIMENSIONS Case : ITO-220 Unit : mm noise •œ trr50ns •œ Fully Isolated Molding APPLICATION •œ Switching power supply •œ Free Wheel •œ Home Appliances, Office Equipment •œ Telecommunication, Factory Automation RATINGS •œAbsolute Maximum Ratings (If not specified Tc=25•Ž) Item Symbol Conditions Ratings Unit Storage Temperature Tstg -40•`150 •Ž Operating Junction Temperature Tj 150 •Ž Maximum Reverse Voltage VRM 400 V Average Rectified Forward Current IO 50Hz sine wave, R-load, Rating for each diode Io/2,8Tc=114•Ž A Peak Surge Forward Current IFSM 50Hz sine wave, Non-repetitive 1 cycle peak value,60 Tj=25•.

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