STTH3012W Datasheet PDF

Part Number STTH3012W
Manufacturer Thinki Semiconductor
Title 1200Volt SwitchMode Single Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode
Description STTH3012W using the lastest FRED FAB process(planar passivation pellet) with ultrafast and soft recovery characteristics. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATIN...
· Ultrafast Recovery Time
· Soft Recovery Characteristics
· Low Recovery Loss
· Low Forward Voltage
· High Surge Current Capability
· Low Leakage Current Internal Configuration Base Backside Anode Cathode GENERAL DESCRIPTION STTH3012W using the lastest FRED FAB process(planar passivation pellet)...

File Size 1.58MB
Datasheet STTH3012W PDF File

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STTH3012 : The high-quality design of this diode has produced a device with low leakage current, regularly reproducible characteristics, and intrinsic ruggedness. These characteristics make it ideal for heavy-duty applications that demand long-term reliability. Such demanding applications include industrial power supplies, motor control, and similar mission-critical systems that require rectification and freewheeling. These diodes also fit into auxiliary functions such as snubber, bootstrap, and demagnetization applications. The improved performance in low leakage current, and therefore thermal runaway guard band, is an immediate competitive advantage for this device. DS4653 - Rev 2 - May 2022 For fur.

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