Part Number MBR2060CTR
Manufacturer Thinki Semiconductor
Title 20 Amperes Heat Sink Dual Common Anode Schottky Half Bridge Rectifiers
Description MBR2045CTR thru MBR20200CTR ® Pb MBR2045CTR/MBR2060CTR/MBR20100CTR/MBR20200CTR Pb Free Plating Product 20 Amperes Heat Sink Dual Common Anode Sc...
Features Standard MBR matured technology with high reliablity Low forward voltage drop High current capability Low reverse leakage current High surge current capability Application Automotive Inverters/Solar Inverters Plating Power Supply,SMPS and UPS Car Audio Amplifiers and Sound Device Systems Mechanical ...

File Size 786.37KB
Datasheet MBR2060CTR PDF File

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