Part Number AN3296S
Manufacturer Panasonic Semiconductor
Title Synchronous Separation/AFC ICs
Description ICs for VCR AN3296, AN3296S Synchronous Separation/AFC ICs s Overview The AN3296 and AN3296S are the ICs designed for video sync. signal processi...
• Built-in horizontal and vertical sync. signal separator and generator.
• Adjustment-free horizontal AFC free-running frequency.
• Built-in sync. signal detector. 8 6.2±0.3 9 1.1±0.25 4.7±0.25 3.05±0.25 0.3
  – 0.05 3˚ to 15˚ 7.62±0.25 16-Pin Plastic Package (DIP016-P-0300B) Unit : mm + 0.1 AN3...

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