CXG1009TN Datasheet PDF

Part Number CXG1009TN
Manufacturer Sony Corporation
Title High Isolation SPDT Switch
Description The CXG1009TN is a high Isolation SPDT (Single Pole Dual Throw) switch MMIC for personal communication, cable TV and so on. This IC is designed us...
• Single positive control supply operation
• Insertion Loss 0.7 dB (Typ.) @1.0 GHz, Vctl (H)=3 V 0.8 dB (Typ.) @2.0 GHz, Vctl (H)=3 V
• High Isolation 56 dB (Typ.) @1.0 GHz, Vctl (H)=3 V 47 dB (Typ.) @2.0 GHz, Vctl (H)=3 V
• 10pin TSSOP package (3.2 × 2.8 mm) Applications
• Basestation Lo switching....

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Datasheet CXG1009TN PDF File

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CXG1006N : The CXG1006N is a high power antenna switch MMIC. This IC is designed using the Sony's GaAs JFET process and operates at a single positive power supply. Features • Single positive power supply operation • Low insertion loss 0.5dB (Typ.) at 2.0GHz • High isolation 27dB (Typ.) at 2.0GHz • High power switching P1dB (Typ.) 32dBm at 2.0GHz VCTL (H) = 2.0V 34dBm at 2.0GHz VCTL (H) = 4.0V Application Antenna switch for digital cellular telephones Structure GaAs J-FET MMIC 8 pin SSOP (Plastic) Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) • Control voltage Vctl 7 • Operating temperature Topr –35 to +85 • Storage temperature Tstg –65 to +150 Operating Condition Control voltage V °C °C 0/4 V Sony reserves.

CXG1008N : The CXG1008N is a high isolation SPDT switch suitable for Digital Cellular applications, Cable TV and so on. This device is part of a growing family of MMIC Antenna switches for digital cellular and cordless radios. It uses the state-of-the-art Sony GaAs JFET process. Features • Positive voltage supply only • Ultra high isolation, typically 58 dB (GSM 900) • Low insertion loss, typically 0.7 dB at 20 dBm input level (GSM 900) • Stable Characteristics over wide temperature range • Fast switching-50 ns Typical • Low current consumption, 50 µA typical at 3.0 V • 8 pin SSOP package (3.0 × 6.4 mm) Applications • Basestation LO switching (GSM900/1800/1900, PHS) • Other Low Power SPDT applications .

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