Part Number RBV-404B
Manufacturer Sanken electric
Title Bridge Diodes
Description Bridge Diodes (Schottky Barrier) Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Type No. VRM (V) I F (AV) (A) IFSM (A) Tj (°C) Tstg (°C) VF (V) max per elemen...
Features 50 Ambient Temperature Ta (°C) Forward Voltage VF (V) Reverse Voltage VR (V) Overcurrent Cycles RBV-406B IF(AV) (A) 10 10 I FSM (A) Ta = 125ºC 100ºC Forward Current IF (A) Reverse Current IR (mA) I FSM (A) 4.0 Ta—IF(AV) Derating 50 VF —IF Characteristics (Typical) VR —IR Characteristi...

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RBV-404 : Bridge Diodes Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Type No. VRM (V) I F (AV) (A) With Heatsink Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C) Tstg (ºC) VF (V) max per IF element (A) IR (µA) VR = VRM IR (H) (µA) VR=VRM, Tj=100°C Rth (j-c) (ºC/ W) Others Mass Fig. (g) IFSM (A) 50Hz Half-cycle Sinewave Single Shot Tj (ºC) max per element max per element RBV-401 RBV-402 RBV-404 RBV-406 RBV-408 RBV-40C RBV-406M 100 200 80 400 600 4.0 800 100 1000 600 120 600 –40 to +150 1.05 100 1.10 2.0 1.00 0.92 100 1.00 10 50 5.0 4.05 A * RBV-406H 4.0 I F(AV) (A) * RBV-406H t rr 5.0µs RBV-401, 402 Ta—IF(AV) Derating VF —I F Characteristics (Typical) I FSM (A) I FMS Rating 80 I FSM (A) 20ms 100 Forward Cur.

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