IL388DAA Datasheet PDF

Part Number IL388DAA
Manufacturer Vishay Siliconix
Title Linear Optocoupler/ PCMCIA package
Description The IL388DAA Linear Optocoupler consist of an IRLED optically coupled to two photodiodes. The emitter is located such that both photodiodes receiv...

• 2.3 mm High SMD package High sensitivity (K1) at low operating LED current Couples AC and DC signals Low input-output capacitance Isolation test voltage, 2500 VRMS Low distortion, below - 80 db (typical) 0.4 mm internal insulation thickness i179085 K 1 A 2 B1 3 C1 4 K1 K2 8 C2 7 B2 ...

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Datasheet IL388DAA PDF File

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