S1117-5.0PIC Datasheet PDF

Part Number S1117-5.0PIC
Manufacturer AUK corp
Title Adjustable and Fixed LDO Voltage Regulator
Description The S1117A and S1117 series of positive adjustable and fixed regulators are designed to provide 1A with higher efficiency than currently availabl...
• Output Current of 1A
• 1.3V Maximum Dropout voltage at 1A Output Current
• 100% Thermal Limit Burn-In
• Fast Transient Response Ordering Information Type NO. S1117APIC/S1117xxPIC Marking S1117□□PI Package Code TO-220F-3SL □□:Voltage Code (Aj : 1.25V, 15:1.5V,:18: 1.8V, 25:2.5V, 285:2.85V, 33:3.3...

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Datasheet S1117-5.0PIC PDF File

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