Part Number 82C37A
Manufacturer Intersil Corporation
Title CMOS High Performance Programmable DMA Controller
Description The 82C37A is an enhanced version of the industry standard 8237A Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller, fabricated using Intersil’s advanced 2 mic...
Features for flexible operation. The 82C37A is designed to be used with an external address latch, such as the 82C82, to demultiplex the most significant 8-bits of address. The 82C37A can be used with industry standard microprocessors such as 80C286, 80286, 80C86, 80C88, 8086, 8088, 8085, Z80, NSC800, 80186 an...

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82C37 : The MSM82C37B-5RS/GS/VJS, DMA (Direct Memory Access) controller is capable of highspeed data transfer without CPU intervention and is used as a peripheral device in microcomputer systems. The device features four independent programmable DMA channels. Due to the use of silicon gate CMOS technology, standby current is 10 mA (max.), and power consumption is as low as 10 mA (max.) when a 5 MHz clock is generated. All items of AC characteristics are compatible with intel 8237A-5. FEATURES • Maximum operating frequency of 5 MHz (Vcc = 5 V ± 10%) • High-speed operation at very low power consumption due to silicon gate CMOS technology • Wide operating temperature range from –40°C to +85°C • 4-chan.

82C37 : .

82C37 : The UTC 82CXX series are good performance 3-terminals voltage detectors and manufactured by CMOS technologies with highly accurate, low power consumption. The detection voltage is extremely accurate with minimal temperature drift. 1 2 3 SOT-23 SOT-25 „ FEATURES 1 *High-accuracy detection voltage : ±2% *Detect voltage range : 0.9V to 6.2V in 0.1V increments *Detect voltage temperature characteristics: TYP. ±100ppm/°С. *Wide operating voltage range : 0.7V to 10.0V *Low current consumption : TYP 0.7μA(at VIN=1.5V) TO-92 „ ORDERING INFORMATION 1 G O I I Pin Assignment 2 3 4 O I I G N G O G O 5 N Packing Tape Reel Tape Reel Tape Box Bulk Ordering Number Package Lead Free Halogen-Free .

82C37A : • Compatible with the NMOS 8237A • Four Independent Maskable Channels with Autoinitialization Capability • Cascadable to any Number of Channels • High Speed Data Transfers: - Up to 4MBytes/sec with 8MHz Clock - Up to 6.25MBytes/sec with 12.5MHz Clock • Memory-to-Memory Transfers • Static CMOS Design Permits Low Power Operation - ICCSB = 10µA Maximum - ICCOP = 2mA/MHz Maximum • Fully TTL/CMOS Compatible • Internal Registers may be Read from Software The 82C37A is an enhanced version of the industry standard 8237A Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller, fabricated using Harris’ advanced 2 micron CMOS process. Pin compatible with NMOS designs, the 82C37A offers increased functionality, improve.

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