Part Number SP8127DG
Manufacturer Sipex
Title High Speed Differential APC Amplifier
Description The SP8127 is a high-speed, differential output APC amplifier that integrates the photodiode and adjustable gain block on one chip. Independent ga...

• Dual wavelength 650 and 780nm 100 MHz Bandwidth 300 V/µs Slew Rate 5 ns Setting Time 10 mV Differential Output Offset Voltage 25 mV/oC Output Offset Voltage Drift -6/+6 dB External Gain Adjust Small 8-pin OPLGA package Vcc Gain Rc GND 1 2 3 4 SP8127 8-Pin OPLGA 8 7 6 5 Vout (+) V...

File Size 125.39KB
Datasheet SP8127DG PDF File

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