Part Number MC74ACT353
Manufacturer Motorola
Title Dual 4-input multiplexer
Description The MC74AC353/74ACT353 contains two identical 4-input multiplexers with 3-state outputs. They select two bits from four sources selected by common...
Features X L L H H L L H H S1 X L L L L H H H H I0 X L H X X X X X X Data Inputs I1 X X X L H X X X X I2 X X X X X L H X X I3 X X X X X X X L H Output Enable OE H L L L L L L L L Outputs Z Z H L H L H L H L OEa I0a I1a I2a I3a I0b I1b I2b I3b OEb LOGIC SYMBOL S0 S1 Za Zb Address inputs S0 and S1 are co...

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