Part Number FTR-K1
Manufacturer Fujitsu Media Devices
Description FTR-K1 SERIES POWER RELAY 1 POLE - 16A LOW PROFILE TYPE RoHS compliant FTR-K1 Series n FEATURES l Low profile (height: 1...
Features l Low profile (height: 15.7mm) l HIGH ISOLATION5 Insulation Distance (between coil and contacts: 10mm min.) Dielectric strength: 5KV Surge strength: 10KV l Class F coil l UL, Flammability 94V-0 l Cadmium free contacts l SAFETY STANDARDS UL, CSA, VDE, SEMKO approved UL, CSA TV-5 ra...

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FTR-K2G : FTR-K1 SERIES POWER RELAY 1 POLE - 20A, 3.0mm contact gap FTR-K2G Series n FEATURES l Contact gap min. 3.0mm l Full disconnection l 1 Pole, 1 Form A l Maximum inrush current 120A (TV-8) (UL) (VDE) l High insulation Reinforced insulation Insulation distance between coil and contact: - Clearance min. 8.0mm, creepage min. 9.5mm - Dielectric strength: 5KV - Surge strength: 10KV l Heat resistance, flammability Class B (130°C) coil wire class, flammability UL94V-0 (plastic) l Safety standards UL, CSA, VDE approved l Flux proof type. RT II l RoHS compliant Please see page 6 for more information n PARTNUMBER INFORMATION FTR-K2G A K 012 [Example] (a) (b) (c) (d) T (e) (a) Relay typ.

FTR-K3 : Issue 5, 2005 Designers’ Choice FTR-K3 Series Relay 20 Amp PCB Mount Contact Arrangement Material Resistance (initial) Rating Max. Carrying Current Max. Switching Power Min. Switching Load Coil Operating Temp. Operating Time Release Time Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Mechanical Life Elec. Resistive Load Elec. Motor Load Elec. inverter Load Vibration Resistance Shock Resistance Weight Dimensions Tab terminal & PCB mounting type 30.1 15.7 6.4 #250 terminal : 1 Form A : AgSnO2 (silver alloy) : Max. 100 mW (at 1A 6VDC) : 20A 250VAC : 25A : 6250VA : 100mA 5VDC (Reference) : -40°C to 60°C (no frost) : Max. 20ms (at nominal voltage, without bounce) : Max. 10ms (a.

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