Part Number PK110FG
Manufacturer SanRex Corporation
Description THYRISTOR MODULE PK(PD,PE)110FG UL;E76102 M Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK110FG series are designed for various rectifier c...
Features Peak off-state Voltage Item Average On-state Current R.M.S. On-state Current Surge On-state Current It 2 V V V Unit A A A A2S W W A V V A/ s V Single phase, half wave, 180 conduction, Tc 81 Single phase, half wave, 180 conduction, Tc 81 1 2 DataShee ITSM It 2 Cycle, 50/60HZ, Pea...

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PK110F : THYRISTOR MODULE PK(PD,PE,KK)110F UL:E76102 M Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK110F series are designed for various rectifier circuits and power controls. For your circuit application. following internal connections and wide voltage ratings up to 1,600V are available. High precision 25mm (1inch) width package and electrically isolated mounting base make your mechanical design easy. IT(AV)110A, IT(RMS)172A, ITSM 2550A di/dt 200 A/ s dv/dt 500V/ s Applications Various rectifiers AC/DC motor drives Heater controls Light dimmers Static switches PK PE PD KK Unit A Maximum Ratings Ratings Symbol Item PK110F40 PD110F40 PE110F40 KK110F40 400 480 400 PK110F80 PD110F80 PE110F.

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