Part Number LX1991
Manufacturer Microsemi Corporation
Title Six Output Programmable LED Current Sink
Description KEY FEATURES WWW . Microsemi . C OM LED Display Driver: This six channel current sink driver is ideal for controlling brightness and hue of hig...
Features WWW . Microsemi . C OM LED Display Driver: This six channel current sink driver is ideal for controlling brightness and hue of high quality dimmable LED displays. High accuracy, dual mode dimming, and controlled current switching time provides consistent color hue, at brightness ratios of up to 10...

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LX1990 : KEY FEATURES W W W. Microsemi . COM The LX1990 is a dual output current sink optimized for driving light emitting diodes. This low cost bipolar IC enables precise current regulation in LED display lighting applications, yet requires far fewer parts than discrete solutions. The LX1990 is supplied in a micro-miniature 6 lead MLP package featuring a 3 x 3 mm footprint, a profile of less than 1mm, and much improved thermal performance. Its two output sink currents are accurately matched and require only one resistor to program. Program current is only 1% of the output currents, and quiescent current is low, providing a very high efficiency driver for battery-powered displays. The LX1990 is ba.

LX1992 : The LX1992 is a compact high efficiency step-up boost controller for driving white or color LEDs in backlight or front light systems and offers designers maximum flexibility with respect to efficiency and cost. The LX1992 features a pseudo-hysteretic pulse frequency modulation topology and uses an external N-Channel MOSFET. Further, the LX1992 features cont.

LX1993 : KEY FEATURES WWW . Microsemi . C OM The LX1993 is a high efficiency step-up boost converter that features a psuedo-hysteretic pulse frequency modulation topology for driving white or color LEDs in backlight or frontlight systems. Designed for maximum efficiency, reduced board size, and minimal cost, the LX1993 is ideal for PDA and digital camera applications. The LX1993 features an internal N-Channel MOSFET and control circuitry that is optimized for portable system design applications. The LX1993 promotes improved performance in battery-operated systems by operating with a quiescent supply current 70µA (typical) and a shutdown current of less than 1µA. The input voltage range is from 1.6.

LX1994 : KEY FEATURES ƒ Efficiency 92% ƒ Dual PFM Architecture To Extend Battery Life ƒ VIN Range 2.0V To 5.5V. Start Up Warranty @ 2.0V ƒ Logic Control Shutdown ƒ 100µA Typical Quiescent Current ƒ Shutdown IQ Current 1µA ƒ OVP For Open String Output Voltage ƒ Low Voltage And Offset Current Sense ƒ Light Sensor (LX1970) interface ƒ Dual Dimming Options (PWM or DC Voltage) ƒ No External Zener Clamp Diode ƒ 10-Pin MLP or MSOP APPLICATIONS Microsemi’s LX1994 is a compact, high efficiency, step-up boost controller which is designed to drive a string of white or colored LED’s in a backlight or front light system. The LX1994 design is based on a dual mode PFM architecture and provides maximum typical .

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