CY7C1302DV25 Datasheet PDF

Cypress Semiconductor
Part Number CY7C1302DV25
Manufacturer Cypress Semiconductor
Title 9-Mbit Burst of Two Pipelined SRAMs
Description The CY7C1302DV25 is a 2.5V Synchronous Pipelined SRAM equipped with QDR™ architecture. QDR architecture consists of two separate ports to access t...
• Separate independent Read and Write data ports — Supports concurrent transactions
• 167-MHz clock for high bandwidth — 2.5 ns clock-to-Valid access time
• 2-word burst on all accesses
• Double Data Rate (DDR) interfaces on both Read and Write ports (data transferred at 333 MHz) @ 167 MHz
• Two inp...

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Datasheet PDF File CY7C1302DV25 PDF File

CY7C1302DV25 CY7C1302DV25 CY7C1302DV25

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